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Quality You Can Count On

Zero Escapes

Avalon has automated the vast majority of its quality inspections, making it possible to inspect every dimension on every part. This ensures only in-spec parts are shipped to customers. Our calibrated CMM produces robust reports with SPC data for our customers.


Traceability is the ability to track data related to parts as they move through production. Avalon’s digital manufacturing system enables seamless traceability to dramatically reduce risk and provide full transparency to our customers. Traceability is required for AS9100 manufacturing, and it is is critically important for Aerospace and Defense customers.

First Article Inspection

First article inspections (FAI) are a critical component of any new Avalon project. The goal of an FAI at the beginning of a project is to ensure that technical documents, proposed processes, and all tooling is sufficient for consistently delivering high-quality parts that conform to specifications and performs functionally as expected.

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